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This dataset provides monthly EPS-reported criminal incident count data at the neighbourhood level. Data will be updated one month following the end of a yearly quarter. An "incident" is the set of connected events which usually constitute an occurrence report. Measuring by incidents is based on the Uniform Crime Reporting 2 (UCR2) survey standard developed by Statistics Canada so that all Canadian police jurisdictions have a comparable set of crime data. The crime types used here are for EPS's 4 Property Crime and 4 Violent Crime Indicators only. Hence, not every type of property crime nor violent crime incident is shown here. Additionally, this excludes criminal incidents that fall under Other Criminal Code Violations, Federal Statute Violations, and Criminal Code Traffic Violations. The criminal code that is used here is based on the most serious violation of the incident. For example, if a break & enter occurred that involved an aggravated assault, only the aggravated assault would be counted. It's important to note that incident-level data is a distinct measure for crime and will not match exactly with other EPS-reported statistics. There are two notable cases of this. The first is with EPS' Crime Map(http://crimemapping.edmontonpolice.ca/) which uses "occurrence" data. Occurrence data is more timely and immediately available, with incident-data based on occurrence data but with further revisions following UCR2 reporting rules. Secondly, EPS reporting on city-wide 4 Violent Crime Indicators is based on the number of victimizations, and since a violent criminal incident can have multiple victims, the figures reported in that manner will be higher. Counting by victimizations for violent crime is also how Statistics Canada reports crime data publicly.
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