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This dataset provides enforcement statistics for EPS's Checkstop and Target All Drunk Drivers (TADD) program. Checkstop operations are stationary points on roadways where traffic is contacted by police to ensure drivers are sober. Checkstop includes the activities from Target All Drunk Drivers (TADD), where following the closing of a Checkstop point, officers will patrol to make contact with any vehicles that draw their attention with the primary goal of checking the driver's sobriety. Statistics here are from the combination of Checkstop and TADD activity. Vehicle Checks (Checkstop/TADD) are the number of vehicles where drivers were personally contacted by police to check for sobriety from Checkstop and TADD operations. Impaired Arrests (Checkstop/TADD) are the number of impaired driving arrests for driving with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or more, or there is other evidence of impairment by alcohol, driving while impaired from narcotics or prescription drugs, or when testing for alcohol or drugs is refused. Roadside Suspensions (Checkstop/TADD) are the number of Alberta Administrative License Sanctions for operating a motor vehicle contrary to the drivers license restrictions. Statistics here exclude roadside suspensions issued as part of a criminal charge of impaired driving. In simple terms, the types of roadside suspensions in this measure arise from: 1. AZAT (Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance Program) – Issued to GDL drivers with a BAC above zero. 30 day suspension, 7 day vehicle seizure. 2. IRS (Immediate Roadside Sanction) – BAC of .05 to .08 - Immediate 3-day license suspension and 3-day vehicle seizure. with longer durations for subsequent offences. 3. 24 Hr Suspension – No reasonable Suspicion or Grounds to proceed in a formal Impaired Investigation, but a 24 hr suspension is given on the grounds of public safety.
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Vehicles Checked (Checkstop/TADD)
Impaired Arrests (Checkstop/TADD)
Roadside Suspensions (Checkstop/TADD)
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