City of Edmonton
Open Performance

Open Performance is part of our commitment to being an Open City that connects Edmontonians to transparent, meaningful and accessible data.
Data tells a story.
We want our story to be about a City that cares for one another, is healthy, liveable and resilient to a changing climate, and one that offers vibrant and welcoming spaces and attracts and inspires future Edmontonians to call our city of 2 million home.

We are a big city with big plans.
Monitoring performance and trends helps us understand how we are progressing towards achieving the City’s strategic goals and allows us to improve our planning, decision-making and services while responsibly managing the corporation.

Strategic Goals 
ConnectEdmonton is the City’s highest level strategy. The City monitors our progress towards its 4 goals with 37 indicators. Click through the ConnectEdmonton goals below to see current indicators and trends for each.
The City of Edmonton collaborates with public, private and non-profit organizations in achieving Edmonton’s long-term goals. The City does not set specific performance targets for community indicators as it recognizes that results are the collective responsibility and impact of partners and stakeholders, other levels of government, and all Edmontonians.
The City Plan’s 5 Big City Moves are bold, transformative priorities that generally touch on most aspects of life in Edmonton. They advance our strategic goals and guide our decisions as we build our city today and for tomorrow—how it grows, its mobility systems, open spaces, employment and social networks.
We will also track measures for the Big City Moves from The City Plan that directly align with the ConnectEdmonton goals above. Tracking these will show more detailed trends so we can further adjust our actions based on how we are doing.
In the near future, you will be able to click on each of these icons and look at measures for things like climate action and energy transition, community safety and well-being and economic growth.
Reporting On Performance
The City of Edmonton will monitor progress on ConnectEdmonton, the City Plan, its Corporate Business Plan and on its priorities for Transforming for the Future. As dashboards to monitor and report on results are developed they will be added here.

ConnectEdmonton is Edmonton's Strategic Plan for 2019 - 2028. It sets the direction for our future and outlines were we need to change today to realize our vision for Edmonton in 2050. The City monitors progress towards its 4 goals through 37 indicators.

Community Safety and Well-Being
The City of Edmonton’s Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Strategy has a vision to ensure Each person making Edmonton home feels a sense of purpose, safety, and stability, curated through connectedness to self, land, culture and each other and rooted in reconciliation, anti-racism, removal of systemic barriers and transformation of thinking, interacting and being. Through the Strategy, the City of Edmonton has set the transformational goal of becoming the safest city in Canada by 2030. The CSWB Dashboard provides Edmontonians with updates on key City of Edmonton initiatives across its seven pillars of action.