City of Edmonton
Open Performance

Our commitment to providing Edmontonians transparent and meaningful data about the city they call home.
Data tells a story - Edmonton's Story
The insights we collect illustrate our city as it is today. Our goals write the future we want to realize. We want our story to be about a city where we care for one another. A healthy, liveable city that is resilient to a changing climate. A city that offers vibrant and welcoming spaces, and attracts and inspires future Edmontonians to call our city home.
Big cities have big goals
The City of Edmonton’s strategic goals set our course and data steers our decisions. We monitor the city’s performance and trends to help us understand how Edmonton is constantly changing and growing. Tracking Edmonton’s progress helps us respond to the evolving needs of our community.
ConnectEdmonton is Edmonton's Strategic Plan for 2019 - 2028 and the City of Edmonton’s highest level strategy. It sets the direction for our future so we can realize our vision for Edmonton in 2050. The City of Edmonton monitors our progress towards its 4 goals with 36 indicators. Click through the icons below to see current indicators and trends for each.
Achieving our goals is a collective effort. The City of Edmonton collaborates with public, private and non-profit organizations to achieve Edmonton’s long-term goals. The strategic goals set our direction however, The City of Edmonton does not set specific performance targets for community indicators. Each of our partners and stakeholders, other levels of government, and all Edmontonians play a role in achieving the vision of ConnectEdmonton.
The City Plan sets out the choices for the way Edmonton grows in the future and maps the path to our future city. This plan outlines 5 Big City Moves that define our transformative priorities: Greener as We Grow, Rebuildable City, Community of Communities, Inclusive and Compassionate and Catalyze and Converge.  These key priorities touch on most aspects of life in Edmonton, including how we grow, our mobility systems, our open spaces, and our employment and social networks. These transformative priorities are about Edmonton’s future and need to be balanced with delivering the excellent essential city services Edmontonians rely on today.
Soon, this site will also track and share City Plan measures that align with the ConnectEdmonton goals. Tracking these will provide insight into our progress as we grow to a city of 2 million people so we can further adjust our actions based on how we are doing.
Reporting On Performance
Besides ConnectEdmonton, the City Plan, the City of Edmonton also monitors progress on its Corporate Business Plan and priorities for Transforming for the Future. Results that monitor these plans will be added to this site, once they are available.
Community Safety and Well-Being
The Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Strategy outlines where the City needs to focus to achieve the City Plan’s Big City Move of Inclusive and Compassionate. It is grounded in seven pillars: anti-racism, reconciliation, poverty, well-being, safety and inclusion, crime prevention, and crisis intervention and equitable policies. The CSWB Dashboard provides Edmontonians with updates on key initiatives and trends in safety and well-being.

Truth and Reconciliation
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Municipal Response Plan aims to address the commission's 94 calls to action to redress the harmful legacy of residential schools and advance reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. Updated quarterly, the City of Edmonton's Truth and Reconciliation Dashboard details the TRC Municipal Response Plan and shares the progress of our reconciliation journey. This plan is designed to adapt to the priorities of local Indigenous communities and is guided by four thematic pillars — awareness, addressing, resurgence and advocacy.

Economic Action Plan
The Economic Action Plan is our roadmap to building a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable economy. It is guided by five principles that aim to achieve the job creation targets set by the City Plan. This work requires a united effort and is made possible by collaboration with our economic development partners, who play a key role in contributing to the growth of Edmonton's economy. The Economic Action Plan Dashboard details the progress we've made towards implementing the action plan and is updated twice per year.