Healthy City Goal

Edmonton is a neighbourly city with community and personal wellness that embodies and promotes equity for all Edmontonians.

About Healthy City 

Our healthy city encompasses both Edmontonians' well-being and the wellness of our communities. It requires that all people have the means to access and maintain a good standard of living. When they feel safe, empowered and supported as individuals, they are better able to connect with and enrich the community. It is about harmony, happiness and health as a whole.

Measuring our Progress, Change and Impact

Why Healthy City is Important for Edmonton's Future

Working together to advance the equity and conditions for all Edmontonians to live their best lives is imperative to achieving livability for all. The health and wellness of Edmontonians is core of our quality of life. it is why we want to build urban places, have regional prosperity and become climate resilient.