Measure Description

Sewer Renewal measures the number of kilometers of sewer pipes that have been renewed or replaced as part of the Neighbourhood Renewal Program. Renewing a sewer pipe extends the lifetime of the pipe and improves the capacity of the pipe to reduce flooding. The Neighbourhood Renewal Program focuses on the renewal and replacement of aging sanitary and storm sewers in mature neighbourhoods.

Measure Importance

Ensuring Sustainable Infrastructure means that the City has a proactive optimized and integrated asset management approach linking operational data with long term planning. This approach ensures the continued integrity of our assets and reduces the need for emergency repairs. This measure is reflective of the City's commitment to provide a high level of service to residents by ensuring that the right drainage assets are renewed and replaced at the right time, thereby reducing occurrence of expensive unexpected failures and service disruption.

Historical Data

Explanation of Performance

Every year the City conducts sewer works as part of the Neighbourhood Renewal Program. Five to seven Neighbourhoods are chosen based on the condition assessment of the sanitary, storm and combined sewers. Priority is given to sewers which need the most immediate attention in terms of renewal and repair. The total length of Sewer relining highly depends on the sewer Closed Circuit Televised Inspection (CCTV) outcome, which defines the actual scope of work required to be done in each selected neighbourhood. For the past years the kilometres of sewers relined has steadly increased due to the additional resources available to execute the work.

Risks to achieving the target: Availability of specialized labour, contractors to do the work required and weather conditions are some of the internal and external factors that may influence the delivery of Drainage renewal work.

Did You Know?

Most North American municipalities are facing the challenges of aging Infrastructure and the City of Edmonton is no exception. The Drainage Neighbourhood Renewal program was started in 2006 to allow the City to deal with the issue of aging drainage infrastrucutre in mature neighbouhoods in a proactive manner. Neighbourhood renewal work is conducted using open cut and relining technology. Do you know what is open cut and relining?

Here is the link to get to know more about these methods of construction:

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