Measure Description

Sewer cleaning measures the number of kilometers of storm and sanitary sewer pipes that have been cleaned year to date. As part of the Preventative Maintenance Program, high pressure flushing and hydromechanized cleaning activities are conducted across the city at regular interval.

Measure Importance

Regular cleaning of pipes and stormwater drains reduces the potential for odours and sewer backups to occur.

Historical Data

Explanation of Performance

In 2015 sewer cleaning increased due to additional temporary staffing. Moreover, a light spring run-off and late snowfall within the year contributed to ideal weather conditions for sewer cleaning. For 2016 the target remains at 550 km to account for fluctuations in cleaning operations. The target reflects a 3 year average. Drainage Operations continues to evolve its sewer cleaning program to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Risks to achieving the target: Fluctuation in the delivery of the Sewer Cleaning efforts takes into consideration various factors including staffing and equipment issues, weather condition, and other emergencies.

Did You Know?

Plugged mainlines are rarely caused by structural issues. The most common causes of plugged mainlines are:

  • Grease
  • Roots
  • Products that should not be flushed such as: rags, disposable wipes, diapers, feminine products (including tampons), hair, condoms and dental floss