Measure Description

Eco Station Users measures the number of vehicle visits each year to Edmonton's four Eco Stations. This is measured to assess the effectiveness of the City of Edmonton's Waste Management Services' programs aimed at encouraging people to divert waste, especially household hazardous waste, from the solid waste stream. Eco Stations accept electronic and household hazardous waste as well as items not allowable as regular waste collection, in blue bags or blue/brown bins. Examples of items accepted at Eco Stations include include household hazardous waste (paints, lighting, corrosive cleaners, etc.), small appliances and mattresses, among others.

Measure Importance

This measure demonstrates Waste Management Services' commitment to deliver waste drop off service for materials not suitable for curbside collection for a growing population base through four Eco Stations.

Historical Data

Eco Station Users

Explanation of Performance

The increase in the number of Eco Station users reflects continued growth in the residential sector and increased demand for services.

Did You Know?

Eco Stations accept household hazardous waste at no charge for safe recycling/disposal. Non-recyclable waste items are also accepted for a fee. Individuals can drop off or take away reusable items at the Ambleside Eco Station and Kennedale Eco Station Reuse Areas.

Number of Eco Stations

Currently, 4 Eco Stations are strategically located across Edmonton. An additional Eco Station in the Kennedale area of Northeast Edmonton is now open to serve the growing number of users.

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