Measure Description

Edmontonians' Assessment: Well-designed Attractive City measures the percentage of respondents to the Edmontonians' Perception Survey who agree or strongly agree that Edmonton is a well-designed, attractive city. A third-party vendor conducts the survey by telephone. The vendor also collects demographic data to assess whether participants reflect the population. Survey methodology and the demographic results are provided in the Appendix.

Measure Importance

The City of Edmonton wants to retain existing and attract new residents. Many factors impact why Edmontonians' choose to stay in Edmonton, including a livable environment. Citizens' perception that Edmonton is an attractive and well-designed City is an established measure of a livable city.

Historical Data

Data sources: Banister Research and Consulting Inc. Citizen Perception Survey (2010), Leger Citizen Perception Survey (2012, 2013) Leger Edmontonians’ Perception Survey (2014, 2015, 2016). The survey was not conducted in 2011.

Explanation of Performance

In 2017, 53 percent of respondents indicated they agree or strongly agree that Edmonton is a well-designed, attractive city. This result is identical to 2016. Although there was a positive trend from 2013 to 2016, the overall response has remained steady since 2016 and below the target of 55 percent.

Based on the 2017 result, Edmonton is primarily perceived as culturally diverse with many desirable, well-maintained parks and recreation areas. Similar to 2016 findings, additional survey responses about design and attractiveness indicated that fewer residents consider city streets to be well-maintained and well-designed. Perceptions about the transit system were also weaker.
The City has created an Open Space Master Plan with the recent adoption of Breathe - Edmonton’s Green Network Strategy. Updated standards and guidelines to ensure the supply and quality of Edmonton’s green network have been developed. Work to update the Urban Design and Facility Renewal guidelines has also been completed to ensure infrastructure meets the standards Edmontonians expect.

Useful Links

For information about the City's strategic plan, The Way Ahead: