Measure Description

Front Counter Service Level measures the percentage of customers served within 15 minutes of arrival to the Edmonton Service Centre’s front counter

Measure Importance

Front Counter Service Level measures have been set to better measure wait times and service levels of the front counter.  The Edmonton Service Centre’s current customer service level target is 80% being served within 15 minutes.  Generally, the service level exceeds the target set, indicating more than 80% of the front counter customers are being served within the 15 minute target maximum wait time.

Historical Data

Percentage of Customers Served Within 15 Minutes

Explanation of Performance

In 2011, a target of serving 75 percent of front counter customers within 15 minutes was set. In April 2014, the target was revised to 80 percent after numerous process improvements were implemented. Despite the increasing volume of permit applications, on average, the service levels have mostly exceeded the target of 80 percent.