Measure Description

New Residential Units in Mature Areas measures the number of net new residential units in mature areas (Includes CPR Irvine, Gainer Industrial and Griesbach), including downtown as a percentage of new residential units city-wide. This measure is calculated annually using residential permit data. Permits for new residential units less demolition permits in mature areas including downtown are divided by total permits for new residential units less demolition permits city-wide. A unit can be a house, an apartment, a garden suite or a garage suite. This measure monitors progress in directing growth to existing urban areas where there is capacity to accommodate dwelling units and population to achieve a compact city.

Measure Importance

This measure reflects reinvestment and redevelopment in existing neighbourhoods. The City supports making better use of its land infrastructure by encouraging growth to existing urban areas. An increased proportion of growth in mature areas, where there is already infrastructure capacity, contributes to a compact, sustainable city.

Historical Data

Data source: City of Edmonton, Residential Permit Data. POSSE data collected by Sustainable Development at the time new residential and demolition permits are issued.

Explanation of Performance

This measure showed a decline from 24 percent in 2016 to 19 percent in 2017. Historically, this indicator has been below target, with 2016 being the sole year which almost met the target of 25 percent of new residential units in mature neighbourhoods, in part due to two large multi-family projects in the core. This indicator is sensitive to construction cycles and market forces. Infill housing development within mature areas has led to a net gain of more than 12,000 units over the past eight years.

Policies, regulations and funding for infrastructure renewal can facilitate redevelopment of existing neighbourhoods. It is expected that the rate of growth within mature areas will increase as the City actively advances plans and initiatives that support market transformation including: progressing Edmonton’s Infill Roadmap, Nodes and Corridor Planning, and Transit-Oriented Development planning such as Stadium Station. Additional growth is anticipated as a result of development in the downtown core and surrounding neighbourhoods (e.g. Blatchford).

Useful Links

Information about the City's strategic plan, The Way Ahead: