Measure Description

Permit Applications measures the total number of applications submitted to the City of Edmonton for development, building and combination (combo) permits per month.  These measures give a sense of upcoming development activities in the City.

Measure Importance

The aggregated total number of permit applications reflects upcoming development activities in the City. This includes all (major and minor) commercial , residential, industrial and institutional dwellings which are to be built in the near future.

Historical Data

Total Permits Submitted

Explanation of Performance

A strong economy, in combination with business opportunities, can result in a greater number of permit applications. As the City grows, there has been a constant increase in the number of permit applications received.
NOTE:  Due to the decommissioning of the Combo Permit jobs and the current unavailability of the new Home Improvement Permit data, not all application information is available at this time.  

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Information on permit types: