Measure Description

Edmontonians’ Assessment: Safe City measures the percentage of respondents to the Edmontonians’ Perception Survey who report that, overall, Edmonton is a safe city. This measure is used to assess whether Edmontonians feel safe and are more likely to participate in activities outside the home. A third-party vendor conducts the survey by telephone. The vendor also collects demographic data to assess whether participants reflect the population. Survey methodology and the demographic results are provided in the Appendix.

Measure Importance

Individuals who feel safe are more likely to participate in activities and events outside the home. They are also more likely to use City resources such as parks and facilities, which contribute to social sustainability, health and wellness, community connectedness and quality of life.

Historical Data

Data sources: Banister Research & Consulting Inc., Citizen Perception Survey(2010), Leger Citizen Perception Surveys (2012, 2013), Leger Edmontonians'Perception Survey (2014, 2015, 2016)

Explanation of Performance

Sixty-six percent of survey respondents considered Edmonton to be a safe city, identical to the result from 2016, but still slightly lower than the TWA target of 68 percent.
The significant gap between feelings of safety during the day and during the night is still present, with 85 percent feeling safe during the day, compared to 44 percent feeling safe at night. Compared to 2016, this is a slight decrease in those who feel safe during the day (down from 88 percent) and a slight increase in those who feel safe during the night (up from 41 percent). The vast majority of people feel safe in their homes (93 percent) and in neighbourhood parks (84 percent), but feel less safe in the river valley (58 percent) and walking downtown (53 percent).
Survey respondents indicated the strongest contributors to their feeling of safety are the following: how they feel walking downtown, how they feel when they leave their residence or property unattended, how they feel in neighbourhood parks, how they feel in their own home, and how they feel walking in their neighbourhood.
The City provides many services, including fire, police, transit, community standards and neighbourhood services to support Edmontonians feeling safe. Public safety programs, bylaw enforcement, the presence of fire stations in communities, social supports and services, and general cleanliness of parks and streets may also contribute to making Edmontonians feel safer.

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