Measure Description

Recruit Applicants measures the number of application packages completed by the public to join EPS as a sworn officer. EPS’ Recruit Selection Unit actively solicits applicants via targeted recruit information sessions, recruiting advertisement campaigns, partnerships with recruit partners, and by providing a streamlined application process. With a larger pool of EPS applicants to select from, the very best can be chosen to take on the serious responsibility of being a police officer.

Following the completion of the initial application package, applicants are assessed on seven additional stages before being offered employment by EPS. These additional stages cover areas such as education/work experience; written exam performance, physical fitness, and personality and medical valuations. Generally, only 20% of applicants will successfully pass all application stages before being offered employment.

Career information with EPS can be found at

EPS Recruit Website Visits

An additional way to assess the public's interest in joining EPS as a police officer is by web traffic to EPS's Recruitment Website,