Measure Description

Police Strength measures the number of EPS police officers per 100,000 population. Staffing counts are based on the number of actual employed EPS staff from an annual May 15th snapshot, as provided to Statistics Canada as part of the annual Police Administrative Survey.

Ensuring that EPS staffing levels keep up with a growing population helps EPS meet increasing workload and its existing performance standards. There has been an ongoing trend for police services becoming more civilianized. These civilian positions provide support services that were previously completed by officers, thus reducing the need to hire more officers. Hence, statistics here also include a measure of EPS's combined sworn and civilian staffing strength.

Municipal Policing Comparison

In 2017, EPS had the 6th highest Police Strength among the 25 largest policing jurisdictions in Canada. Policing personnel statistics are available for every Canadian policing jurisdiction via Statistics Canada annual Police Administration Survey. Source: Statistics Canada table 35-10-0077-01.

EPS Female Members

The EPS recognizes the importance of having an organization that reflects the diverse community it serves. Diversification is wide ranging, but includes qualities in its members such as ethnicity, education, life experience, and languages spoken. In particular, EPS actively seeks to increase diversity by increasing female representation in its police officer ranks. For more information on Women in Policing by EPS, click here.

Source: Statistics Canada table 35-10-0077-01.