Measure Description

The Weighted Clearance Rate (WCR) measures the percentage of EPS-reported criminal incidents that are cleared, weighted by crime severity. The use of weighting by crime severity is a measurement innovation that responds to the obvious: not all criminal incidents have equal impact. Clearing a more severe crime (e.g., homicide) matters more than solving a relatively minor crime (e.g., theft from vehicle). Severity weightings are based on Canadian judicial sentencing data.

The WCR is one way to assess EPS's overall success in solving crime. Clearing criminal incidents is a major policing deliverable that ultimately supports Edmonton being a safe city by holding offenders to account, helps provide closure to victims, and enhances citizens perceptions of security and justice.

The WCR is also available when looking specifically at violent crime or non-violent crime.

Clearing a criminal incident is defined by EPS identifying an accused and having sufficient evidence to lay a charge, or clearing by 'other'. Examples of clearing by 'other' include the accused being deceased; the accused having been dealt with via the Youth Criminal Act; or the victim no longer cooperating with an investigation.

In order to show more timely results of the WCR for Edmonton, the figures shown here are based on estimates calculated by EPS. Small margins of error are to be expected compared to what Statistics Canada publishes annually.

Additional methodology details on the WCR are available from Statistics Canada and our metadata notes.

Municipal Policing Comparison

In 2018, Edmonton had the 6th highest WCR among the 25 largest police jurisdictions in Canada. Source: Statistics Canada, tables associated with 35-10-0077-01.