Measure Description

Persons with Criminal Warrants measures the number of people with outstanding criminal warrants held by the EPS who have yet to be arrested. A reduction here requires executing more warrants than the continual intake of new warrants being issued for execution. There are several core reasons EPS is focused on reducing Persons with Criminal Warrants:

  1. The EPS has a responsibility to complainants to hold accused persons accountable for their warrants.
  2. The likelihood of conviction of an accused person may decrease the longer that a warrant is not executed upon.
  3. A segment of those with criminal warrants are at a high risk of reoffending, and are thus a threat to public safety until they are located and arrested.

Information on Edmonton's Most Wanted can be found here.

Warrant Management Model

Outstanding warrants are managed by EPS's Warrant Management Model. Core components of this model include:

  • Centralized management and oversight of all criminal warrants EPS is responsible for
  • Triaging all outstanding criminal warrants by the degree of public safety risk they pose
  • Assigning follow-up tasks to patrol members and supportive investigative areas to proactively locate persons with active criminal warrants