Measure Description

roperty Crime in Edmonton is measured using EPS's 4 Property Crime Indicators, which count the number of EPS-reported incidents of Theft from Vehicles, Theft of Vehicles, Break and Enters, and Theft over $5,000. The crime counts are based on the most serious violation attached to the criminal incident. Although the 4 Property Crime Indicators do not represent every type of property crime (e.g., Theft under $5,000, Fraud, Possession of Stolen Property, etc), they represent the overall state and trend of property crime in Edmonton.

Additional Information

A major part of Crime Prevention is to empower communities to take necessary precautions to prevent crimes occurring to them or to the ones they love. The EPS provides information and programs about Home and Property Safety, Personal & Family Safety, Community Safety, and Neighbourhood Empowerment Teams.

EPS's Neighbourhood Crime Map for criminal occurrences in the last 90 days is available here. Criminal Incident data at the neighbourhood-level can be found here.