Measure Description

The Crime Severity Index (CSI) assesses the severity of criminality in Edmonton by measuring both the volume of EPS-reported criminal incidents and weighting for more severe crime, while factoring for Edmonton's population. The CSI is available for any city or region across Canada, and is indexed to equal 100 for Canada for the year 2006.

The CSI is also available when looking specifically at violent crime or non-violent crime.

The CSI was developed by Statistics Canada (the Centre for Justice Statistics). The use of weighting by crime severity is a measurement innovation that factors for the obvious: not all criminal incidents are equal. More severe crime (e.g., homicide) has a much larger impact on public safety than relatively minor crime (e.g., a stolen vehicle theft from vehicle). Severity weightings are based on Canadian judicial sentencing data.

In order to show more timely results for Edmonton's CSI, the figures shown here are based on EPS estimates. Small margins of error are to be expected between what is published here and what Statistics Canada publishes annually.

Additional methodology details on the CSI are available from Statistics Canada and our metadata notes.

Municipal Comparison

In 2017, Edmonton had the 2nd highest Crime Severity Index among the largest 25 cities in Canada. Source: Statistics Canada, tables associated with tables 35-10-0090.